Stardew Valley Bundle Completion

This is an independent site, coded by myself, using Stardew Valley Wiki as reference for a check box list for Community Center Bundle Completion! This site is mainly for me and my friends to keep track of our SDV Community Centers, but please feel free to use this site to keep track of your own CC Bundles! This site is, unfortunately, not yet mobile friendly!

I'm new to coding, if something goes wrong please reach out to me on my Tumblr and I will do my best to see if I can fix or add what is missing or needed!

All Bundles

Crafts Room


Fish Tank

Boiler Room

Bulletin Board


Secret Bundle

Each page will have all bundle options as of 20/03/2023.

Graphics and more are on the way!

Looking to add: Banner image headers behind bundle titles, interesting/relevant image graphics (hand drawn or wiki picked?), item locations and time of year in an optional way (either on a seperate page by alphabet or through hidable sections on bundle pages), and cooking/baking where to get and when and how.